Scrap metal is a valuable raw material for the iron and steel industry, the company Neumüller Steel and Scrap Trade shows how mobile screening and processing solutions can enhance the performance and lead to higher profit.

As a premium supplier of scrap metal for industrial processing, the company Johann Neumüller GmbH Steel and Scrap Trade is one of Austria’s experts in this market. They know that a defined quality of the used scrap is important and of course the optimized working processes in the preparation of scrap metal are essential as well. To improve the process in the separation of their different scrap deposits they cooperated with Rockster to develop the best possible screener for their requirements. It took the companies some time for continuous refinements to get the perfect screening solution, but after 2 months of testing, Mr. Johann Neumüller, CEO of the company, was fully convinced and bought Rockster’s individualized scalping screen.

ROI for the Scalper of 2 Months

CEO Johann Neumüller says: “We are now generating an additional value with the screened scrap (2” minus) of 70-120 Euros / t. Using an additional magnetic separator, we can also eliminate aluminum or stainless steel to secure the quality on the final product. We reached the return of investment already within 2 months.”

Changeover from Stationary to Mobile Plants

Rockster’s scalping screen was the start of a new era for Neumüller’s machinery fleet, because it was the first mobile machine he has bought so far. Previously, they had to transport the raw scrap from the different storage points on the company’s huge premises to the various stationary processing plants. This was very time-consuming and required a high transport effort. “Through constantly changing our machinery from stationary to mobile equipment during the last 5 years we could increase our efficiency by 30%. We have succeeded in adapting our work processes much easier to the changing requirements of our customers. Now we can flexibly and quickly process our scrap and promptly send it to our customers,” Johann Neumüller says.

Robustness as Important Factor

The mobile scalping screen has been doing a great job since 5 years now, reviewing the recent years, Johann Neumüller is exceptionally satisfied: “We screen about 40 tons of 2” minus material almost each working day and have had hardly any wear or service costs, up to now we haven’t even had to change the punching plates. Also repairs haven’t been necessary so far, it’s a really robust machine that’s easy to handle.”

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